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Marine Cra​nes Norway

The Norwegian Marine Experience Program more info

​Introductory offer Marine Cranes

PLACE YOUR ORDER between June 1st to September 15th 2014 for Effer Marine Crane (Basic).

Click here to access Effer online brochure or for more information of the cranes. ​

Use the contact form, and we will assist you in finding the right crane.

SHM Maritime is authorized dealer of Effer Marine cranes in Norway and can now offer a wide range of high quality marine cranes configured to fit your needs. During the Effer Norway campaign, lasting until 15th of September 2014, special offers are available – click further to check out our products.

All orders placed within this period, will guarantee you the best prices, even for delivery dates until end of 2015.

Effer marine cranes product range consist of heavy-duty knuckle boom cranes, compact foldable knuckle boom cranes, and telescopic cranes with large radius and lifting height. Since 1965 Effer has invested heavily in research and development to provide the customers with cranes which are renowned world-wide for their reliability, long-lasting performance and advanced technological features.